We specialize in custom jewellery. 

Let our expert staff design to your unique style, taste, and personality.

Custom Jewelry Design

How to start

Get inspired and save images of designs you love! 

Perhaps you were inspired by the beautiful architecture from a recent trip and you want to have a physical reminder of your memories. Save it! 

Great jewellery design should ultimately be informed by your design aesthetic, and by extension, should be a reflection of your personality.

Helpful hints! 

Save images of things which inspire you by making a board on pinterest! By combining your likes to one common space you might realize there are common design elements you love!

Do you have old, worn, or damaged items laying around which you could use in a new design instead of repairing? We can credit you for your old gold and incorporate gemstones into your new design!

We will gladly help you and provide an estimate at no charge.

If you would like more information about custom work, please contact us below or call (613) 347-1400.