Custom Design

We specialize is designing and creating custom jewellery. See some of our custom creations below.

Jewellery Repairs

With three bench jewellers and the latest technology all repairs are done right and on time. 

Ring sizing

Increase or decrease the size of your ring so that it fits comfortably. Learn more about how to identify whether your ring is the correct size here. 

Prong repair

Routine maintenance of your jewellery is very important. It costs far less to repair a damaged or missing prong than it does to replace a missing stone. Also, loose or missing stones are often a sign that all prongs should be inspected.

Clasp Replacement

Over time clasps can break or become too difficult for some customers to handle. In these circumstances we can select a new clasp.  


While jewellery cleaners are available over the counter, they do not compare to a professional professional jewellery cleaning. This multi-stage cleaning is the best way to keep your jewellery sparkling at its best. 

Refurbishing / Restoring

Refurbishing old, worn, or damaged items is when items are returned to their original beauty, or improved upon.  Examples of refurbishing might include replacing lost, loose, or damaged stones. Replacing damaged, worn, or misshaped shanks, and much more. In many cases in refurbishing items we might discuss ways in which we can improve upon the integrity of the original design. 


While polishing and cleaning help remove oils, dirt, and surface scratches, in some cases plating an item might be the ideal means to restore an item to its original beauty. 


Bracelet and chain repair

Some styles of chain are more prone to damage than others. We repair broken chains and bracelets of all shapes and sizes.